Lidded Jar

Some cool looking jars for inspiration: 


WIP photos:

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 5.32.38 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-01-06 at 5.32.55 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-01-06 at 5.33.09 PM.png

Final Result:

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 5.32.21 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-01-06 at 5.32.16 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-01-06 at 5.32.26 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-01-06 at 5.33.03 PM.png

Artist Statement:

For this project, I threw a detailed lidded jar made out of clay on a wheel. In order to create this, I mostly used my hands, wet clay and an assortment of tools such as a small loop tool and wooden tool. As per usual, with this piece, I wanted to try to push my creativity; try to do something different yet pleasing. Overall, my goals for this project was to create something outside the box, something that resembled a jar, but also something weird. In the end, I’m not the most excited about how it turned out. I was having difficulty trying to create a jar and it not crumbling apart.


Glazed Mugs

Some cool mugs that I’d like to try:


My finished mugs:

Artist Statement:

For this project, we glazed our final 3 mugs. For most of the glazing, we dipped the mugs into the glaze. Another technique I used was posing the glaze and spreading it around to coat the middle. Lastly for set of mugs I used a paint brush and let it drip down. For the mugs I aimed to have more earthy green colors and have them match. Again, my goals were to have something with more of an earth tone and look. For the most part, Im happy with the result. Although the drips on one of the mugs didn’t turn out exactly how I want, it still looks decent. In addition, du to my fault, the glazing isn’t exactly precise with the lines.


Some cool designs I like: 


Progress photos:

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 9.20.37 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 9.21.20 AM.png

Finished Product! 🙂

Artist Statement:

Overall, the mugs were all on the petite side, however, they are all different shapes. Some are more on the thinner side, others are a bit thicker. In order to create this, I used a wheel to throw the actual mug and then a bucked and my hands to pull a handle. My main inspiration behind the piece was to try to make a weird and unique looking mug, something different and unusual. With that, my first goal was to get something that wouldn’t fall over or be to thin, so basically something useable. Overall the main idea, again, was to try and create something different. In the end, I’m proud of how it turned out. Not only is it functional but some of the mugs are pretty cool looking!

Art Journal #9


Ceramic Jim on youtube


The video shows us how to throw a jar with a lid.

What were their hands doing?

-Half of one hand was overlapping the other

-Using just his thumps to indent or push for precision

-Meeting together

What’s the process?

-Coning it and centering it a few times

-Pushing in with his thumbs to open up

-Pulling out with his thumbs

-Uses one hand and another to pull up slowly

-Even the walls out

-Somewhat brings it in a bit

-Uses rubber bib tool to add a cool design when throwing

-Measures top

One thing you’ll try:

Next time, for added design and have something unique and different Ill try using a wooden tool to create a design that will be more even and precise.

Art Journal #7




Learning how to trim a mug.

Whats the process?

her wheel was different so it was a different centering process

  • Carve the outside of the foot
  • Trim towards the inside and smooth out the new trim ^
  • Go straight down with the tool and carve your foot
  • Trim the middle creating the foot
  • Even foot
  • Smooth out any edges with a rubber bib tool

What were their hands doing?

Her hands were always on the tool when trimming. One usually was overlapping seemingly stabilizing the other hand.

What are you going to try next time?

Im going to try using a tool similar to the rubber bib tool and see if I can create a smoother looking foot.

Journal #6




They were demonstrating how to evenly trim a bowl.


  • Measure the thickness by tapping the bottom or using a needle tool
  • Center your leather hard bowl and secure it with coils of plastic clay on the wheel
  • Speed up wheel to a fast speed for even pressure and and trim access clay off with a large trimming tool
  • Round out the edges so the sides are flat
  • Level the foot so it is even and smooth
  • Use a smaller trimming tool and determine how thick you want the foot
  • Press the tool down gently creating the foot and trim so it is even
  • press the middle in order to prevent “s crack”

What were their hands doing?

Their hands were always close to the tip of the tool usually using one hand to stabilize the other hand that was holding the tool and trimming.

What will you try?

Next time, I’m going to try tapping the middle and hopefully they may help my mugs and bowls potentially not dip so much!

Art Journal #5


Sifoutv Pottery (George Sifoutv)

What they’re making:

Demonstrating how to throw a mug on a wheel

What’s the process?

-Center the clay

-Create a dip in the middle (with thumbs or other fingers)

-Pull out with 1 index finger, creating a flat surface

-Pinch sides to pull up evenly

-Scrape bottom with finger to make an even base

-Pull up with finger to pull upward again

-Repeat as needed

-Trim rim if need

-Smooth sides if needed

(they attached the handle directly after)

What were their hands doing?

During most of them time. one hand was partially overlapping the other, usually pressing on it. When creating the dip or flat surface, only one hand/finger was used and was shaped somewhat like a hook.

What are you going to try?

Next time, I’m going to try pinching the sides to hopefully help give a even start in order to pull upwards neatly and nicely.


Art Journal #4



What they’re creating:

They’re demonstrating on how to trim a leather hard bowl.

The Process:

-Center the bowl

-Use 3 balls of clay and push them into the bowl to keep its place

-Use large handle tool to trim and shape the sides of the bowl

-1 hand on tool, other holding bowl on top

-Move tool down + inwards to carve a base

-Trim side to make it even

-Place tool in the middle of the foot and slowly push out to create the rim

-Use loop tool to even it out

What they’re hands were doing:

At all times, one hand was placed onto of the bowl, on the foot, in order to “stabilize the bowl”. The other hand was usually holding a tool, trimming and shaping the foot.

The thing I’ll try next time:

Next time, I think I’ll try creating the foot by going in the side rather than going straight down. Usually, I mess up on that step the most.

Throwing a Bowl

Bowl shapes I’d like to have recreated:

Progress photos:

Final bowls: read the directions wrong, only have 1 picture with ALL 5 bowls

Artist Statement:

For our first project on the wheel, we learned how to throw and trim a bowl. Most of my bowls are on the smaller size and rather a bit uneven. One bowl is on the larger side with a somewhat small foot. To create these bowls, we used clay and a ceramic wheel. To shape the bowl, I used my hands and fingers with the occasional help from a sponge. If needed, to trim the rim, I used a needle tool. At first, my goal was to make a nice and detailed bowl, however, towards the beginning and middle of the unit my goal was just to get bowl that can hold water and not fall over. Overall, for the first time ever using a wheel, I don’t think the bowls turned out too bad, which serve their purpose.

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